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[Pinned] Discord
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[Pinned] Discord

Hi everyone.Ah Discord, whose Roman name was Discordia and Greek name was Eris. She is the one ultimately responsible for the Trojan War: At the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, she threw a golden apple inscribed with "to the most beautiful," traditi...
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[Pinned] Guild Bank Needs
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[Pinned] Guild Bank Needs

Below is a list of mats that the guild bank needs for consumables, such as food, flasks and pots. The greatest needs will change from week to week, and lessen all together as we move further into the expansion. ANYTHING LISTED IN BOLD RED IS THE G...
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[Pinned] Streaming, posting, images, etc: privacy

Now that blizz has added the ability to stream directly into game i wanted to go over a few things for decorum about privacy. When streaming or recording a fight to post please warn everyone that you are doing doing so. Especially so that no one m...
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[Pinned] The Food Recipe Thread....

As soon as I make my Pancit, Lumpia, and Puto again I'll throw up pictures and what I throw in em
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[Pinned] Me doing ma thing! Mahirat
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[Pinned] Throwbacks
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[Pinned] Throwbacks
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[Pinned] So what's everyone's UIs look like....

My new set up
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Nymphy's Nom Nom Thread

The source for coming projects and pictures......posting Table of Contents for Drommet
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Notice for Nymphy

Always surprising to find a new one
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Mythic pluses up to level +15

mythic up to level 15 this weekend on saturday and sunday evening. everyone is invited. if you haven't raided with the progression group please talk to fero about it before asking for a slot, you are still welcome dont think you arent.
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Hey Guys!

As of today I was able to purchase a new sub to Blizzard for WoW. While i wont be as active at the start, due to this month I am moving to a new place and I will be out of town for about 6 days straight for my fiancee and I's 5 year anniversary du...
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Message from Fero

Hello all, my apologizes for being an absent GM and when on tending to stuff other than the guild these last few days, also a good part of the last month. Real life has been annoying and complicated. I have fairly major issues come up that will be...
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Ladies a great shirt !!! Hurry offer ends soon
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Keyboard Key Counting

So after a conversation with Mordess last night, I thought it might be kinda fun to see how many times I whacked my buttons during raid. You might need to right-click and open in a new window. The images are somewhat large. Here is a graph for key...
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Final poll for Transmog Contest Voting

Hello welcome to the final round of voting. Dexi, Nymphy and Mordess are the winners, now we just need to determine who is winner and who is first and second runner up. Grats to you three, and good luck may the best woman win.Please vote on which ...
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(Would appreciate if someone could edit this to make the picture show instead of the link cause I can't on mobile.)Figured I'd share a picture with the gun system I'm working with out here. It gets mounted on the back of a cv-22 :pFero edit: Fixed
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Music while playing

Does anyone else listen to music while playing WoW? I usually have YouTube running music while I play.
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Famous Drag Queen Education

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 to explain the LIttle MIss Poundcakehttps://www....
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Runoff poll 1 Transmog Contest Voting

Hello welcome to Round 2 of voting. please vote on which you think is the best one. As this is a run off poll all entries receiving one or less votes have been dropped as per the rules. As last time, you can vote for only one.To win takes either 1...
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