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#11376174 Aug 06, 2015 at 03:31 PM
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This rules apply to everyone that runs.
  1. There will be no carries only toons that are a benefit to the group may be brought.
  2. Alts are welcome but must obey rule 1
  3. Standard masterlooter/personal loot demarcation points apply: 70% or fewer of raid needs something off boss master looter, 80% or higher personal, 70-80% judgement call.
  4. Mains and alts are equal for all non tier gear, gear will go to highest roll as modified by the standard amount if you have already run items
  5. Tier Gear rolls are not affected by any winning of gear except tier gear won.
  6. Alt rolls are considered to be after all main rolls even if a main has already won a tier item that run.

any questions just ask.
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