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If anyone has any useful strategies for challenge modes that others may be unaware of, you can post them here.

Here's a wowhead post of everything in challenge modes that can be Dark Simulacrum or Reflected (Mirrored blades, grounding totem, spell reflect):
#12477107 Jun 20, 2016 at 03:27 AM
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A few off the top of my head are:
Auch - Ranged stand where the boss stands initially (outside of the ring) and you don't have to deal with mechanics mostly.

UBRS - 2nd boss, a ranged(hunter preferred due to distracting shot) can go up to the end of the balcony and aggro the boss, wait until the boss gets close enough then jump back down. The two adds should be dead or close to dead and shouldn't get the Rejuvination on them.

BMSM - kill left boss first and hero to burn him down then kill yourself and release to the instance. Better to try to invis on the right side incase someone goofs and pops Slagmaw or w/e the worm is.

Other than this anything I might have would be based on group comp.

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