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Now that blizz has added the ability to stream directly into game i wanted to go over a few things for decorum about privacy.

  • When streaming or recording a fight to post please warn everyone that you are doing doing so. Especially so that no one might whisper a private message to you that others can see. Also so people know if more than just the people in raid can see something they said. Having something cover the chat window is recommend though not required.
  • Streaming of voice chat from whichever program the guild might be using is not allowed without the informed prior consent of everyone in vent, discord, etc. If I, Ferolux, am in the voice chat I give forewarning now that i will not assent to it.
  • Kills can be recorded for later posting with the voice chat intact but must be approved by Ferolux. I will err on the side of caution on what i will be required to be censored, only letting vanilla stuff though which i will loosing define as what is allowed before the watershed hours.
  • Images containing whispers will be deleted for sure if such contains a whispered conversation with a couple exceptions. If you have seen the images posted between Calucias and Pork, because that is a long running joke since Siege of Org it is known that no privacy is being broken there. Or the conversation between Crypto and Bulba where they each call each other longer more vulgar names, since posted for humorous was allowed. But if any party had complained would have been deleted. A further note on this when i read a whisper in an image that looks like it shouldn't be public i wont read anymore of it to prevent a further violation of privacy. So if i delete something that you think shouldn't have been just talk to me about it, i will require the other person's consent to enable it most likely.
  • Images of public chat forums such as guild or raid will be allowed. And any non moderated chat channel such as general, trade, etc wont ever be censored.

If someone should ever need to post something to show whispered harassment by someone else these rule do not apply to that. If anyone should be harassed by another please 1) report it to blizz as that is against the terms of use; and 2) take screen shots and post to me. After i look at them i will move or delete them as appropriate depending on the situation.

In short: don't steam voice chat, don't post whispered conversations without permission of the other person.

Thank you and have fun in Broken Isles
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