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This Friday-Sunday will be our raid days for The Emerald Nightmare on normal Difficulty. For the most post, it is a non-linear dungeon. Meaning that the first boss has to be killed first, then we have an option between four different bosses, then boss, then final boss.

Nythendra: This maggot filled corrupted green dragon will be the first boss we come across. She comes with the old fashion dragon mechanics of standing behind her - you're gonna get tail whipped. Standing in front of her - you're gonna get breathed on + much more

    PHASE 1:
  • Healers, DPS stack on the side of her. Both tanks can hang out in front of her.
  • When she charges up her breathe. Everyone move clockwise to get out of the breathe. Green patches spawn. Then restack as close to those patches
  • Random people get rot. if you do GET AWAY FROM EVERYONE. Go stand near green patches. when your debuff expires you lay more green patches.
  • Tanks: One of you will get volatile rot. Similar to Iron Reaver's Artillery. Get away from everyone. Stand near existing green patches because when this debuff expires it will drop more. so many green many
  • Infested Debuff only happens in heroic and mythic. Ignore video.
  • PHASE 2:
  • When boss runs out of energy she sleeps (Zzzzz). She soaks up all green patches (yay). They all move toward the boss so don't get caught in them.
  • Bugs appear all over the room. They grow in size. Don't stand near them.
  • When she wakes up Rot is applied to more targets.
  • Rinse and Repeat

Elerethe Renferal: This Beth'tilac/Alysrazor hybrid will most likely be the next boss we encounter in The Emerald Nightmare.

  • Web of pain: The video is in Alpha so a bit outdated. Another guide says that it links both tanks together and two non tank targets together. The damage is reflected so both targets webbed take the same damage. Stay close together. If more than 20 yrds apart you take extra damage.
  • Vile Ambush: She climbs into her web and marks a location to deal major damage. Further you are away...less damage you take.
  • after each Ambush adds spawn. offtank picks up the spiders and moves them away from boss while DPS kill. Spiderlings buffing the boss only happens in mythic. Ignore Video.
  • Healers: the spiderlings apply Drippings fangs to the tank that stacks. Does a lot of damage, also to make matters worse both tanks are linked. So both will be taking a lot of damage.
  • When spiderlings die green pools will form. Don't stand in these. More closely they are stacked together the better.
  • Necrotic Venom. Marks two players. GET AWAY FROM EVERYONE or it will spread. Take ticking damage for 25 secs.
  • NOT MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO:The targets with Nectrotic Venom will leave a pool behind them every second. So keep moving to drop the pools. Not too much, just try dropping pools against each other.
  • Gathering Clouds: Pushes everyone back. Run against it. Also deals damage to raid and lasts 8 secs. There is apparently a wall that is helpful to have to your back so you don't get pushed much.
  • Egg sacks around the room. don't run into them or more spiders spawn.
  • After gathering Clouds the boss will move to another platform. Dark storm happens which makes the other platforms deal damage if you stand on them. So get to her new platform asap. (The damage ramps up, effectively making it the enrage)
  • Tornadoes spawn on the paths moving to another platform. DON'T GET CAUGHT BY THESE YOU CAN DIE
  • Also when she flys up to go to another platform she leaves feathers behind that can be consumed when ran through. 9 feathers spawn. The feathers allows you to jump really high then give you slowfall so you can get to the platform faster. It's best to delegate 1 tank, 1 healer, and multiple range DPS to take them since you can cast while in the air.
  • NOT MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO:The feathers gives the player an extra action button that allows them to slam on the ground and kill all spiderlings that they hit. Players on the ground running will spawn spiderlings while running across the web bridges so players with the feather should kill the spiderlings with their button.
  • On her new platform, stand near the boss for another move that happens a little later.
  • NOT MENTIONED IN VIDEO: Tanks: Boss does Raking Talons. She uses it twice (3 seconds apart) then after 33 seconds uses them again. then another 33 seconds uses them again. So a total of 3 pairs during her Roc phase. Taunt swap after a pair of Raking Talons.
  • Twisting Shadows: 2 people get it. Get away from everyone. When it expires a tornado forms.
  • Razor Wing: She charges up and does massive frontal cone damage that can send you flying. I believe she does it on her current target, so the main tank has to take it while dps,healers, offtank run around her.
  • She goes back to spider. Rinse, repeat, GG

This is said to be a hectic fight, but somewhat forgiving.
Ilgynoth: The Evil Tree will most likely be the next boss we encounter.... Oh and it's also somewhat similar to Hellfire assault.

    PHASE 1:
  • Big Tree infront of us with a big eye that we want to get into. It won't let us and we also can't damage it.
  • There are 4 different adds that spawn outside and once they die a blob will spawn that fixates on a player. When the blob dies it explodes and hurts the eye (and players) if it's in range.
  • The eye will eventually die by blob explosions and we move inside to damage the boss. 20 blob explosions will kill the eye.
  • the Nightmare Ichor (the blobs) should be kited to the eye by the player it's fixated on. Death Grip is helpful to pull the blob.
  • If the Nightmare Ichor reaches you it puts up a debuff Touch of Corruption that stacks, it can be dispelled. Just don't let it get to you.
  • The eye will also target players with a chain lightning beam. Deals moderate damage.
  • There are four types of Adds:
  1. Dominator Tentacles - Spawns 2 nightmare Ichors upon dying
  2. Deathflare Tentacles - Spawns 2 Nightmare Ichors upon dying
  3. Nightmare Horror - Spawns 4 Nightmare Ichors upon dying
  4. Corrupted Tentacles - Spawns 1 Nightmare Ichor upon dying.
  • Dominator Tentacles must be tanked. If they aren't being melee'd they do raid wide AOE damage.
  • Tanks: Dominator Tentacles deal massive damage with Nightmarish Fury. Use mitigations through that.
  • Dominator tentacles target a melee dps (usually) and do a frontal AOE cone. that melee dps gets a red arrow over their head and has 2 secs to direct him away from the raid.
  • Deathflare Tentacles Do Not need to be tanked.
  • They target random players with Mind Flay. INTERRUPT. also these tentacles can be STUNNED.
  • 1 min into the fight the Eye of Il'gynoth spawns a Nightmare Horror. This must be tanked.
  • Nightmare Horror shoots out a beam that hurts all players in a line. the Horror should be dragged to the wall near the eye away from raid.
  • Tanks: the beam he shoots puts a debuff. Taunt off on 2 debuffs. Use big mitigation on 2nd debuff
  • Nightmare horror leaves puddles behind him that silence and pacify players in it. Tanks move him every 5 seconds so melee don't stand in this.
  • This is said to be a low priority thing to kill. So kill other tentacles first.
  • Corruptor Tentacle: applies Spew Corruption on targets. This creates a puddle underneath your feet every 2 secs for 10 secs. MOVE TO THE OUTER EDGES. Oh and these puddles grow in size...slowly...but they grow. DO NOT BRING THESE PUDDLES AROUND THE EYE. Thats where blobs are being killed.
  • With that being said. If you're being fixated by a blob with Spew corruption. Take care of Spew corruption first then move to the eye for the blob to be killed.
  • PHASE 2: - Use Hero here
  • The Eye dies, KILL ALL ADDS BEFORE GOING IN. Run inside the tree and kill the center.
  • The boss is doing a spell called Dark Reconstitution which lasts 50 seconds. If you are still inside the tree when this cast finishes you will die. no if, ands or buts *has flashbacks to Gorefiend*
  • 6 lucky winners get a debuff called Cursed Blood. This happens every 15 seconds inside the tree. Deals damage over time, deals heavy damage to the target and anyone standing near them after 8 seconds. MOVE AWAY FROM EVERYONE.
  • Repeat phase 1
  • During the 2nd Phase 2 the boss will cast Final Torpor instead of Dark Reconstitution. If this cast finishes it wipes the raid. This is the enrage.

This fight is said to be slightly more difficult than Elerethe, but we can always come to it if we are having trouble with the other boss.

Ursoc is said to not be very mechanics heavy, but a very big DPS check. Dragons of Nightmare was fairly unanimous at being the harder boss of the four. Even though I posted instructions on the fight, please watch the videos so you can see what's going on. If you watched the videos, please read what I wrote (or at least some of it) because the videos are in Alpha so the fights have been updated since then.
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