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Below is a list of mats that the guild bank needs for consumables, such as food, flasks and pots. The greatest needs will change from week to week, and lessen all together as we move further into the expansion. ANYTHING LISTED IN BOLD RED IS THE GREATEST NEED !


Starlight Rose ---- Foxflower ---- Dreamleaf ---- Aethril ----- Fjarnskaggyl ---- Yseraline Seeds

Ancient Healing Potion - Yseraline Seeds x 4

Ancient Mana Potion - Yseraline Seeds x 4

Leytorrent Potion (channeled mana) - Starlight Rose x 2 Aethril x 4 Dreamleaf x 4

Potion of Deadly Grace (dps pot) - Starlight Rose x 2 Fjarnskaggyl x 4 Dreamleaf x 4

Unbending Potion (tank armor) - Starlight Rose x 2 Aethril x 4 Foxflower x 4

Potion of Old War (melee pot) - Starlight Rose x 2 Foxflower x 4 Fjarnskaggyl x 4

Flask of Ten Thousand Scars(stamina) - Starlight Rose x 7 Aethril x 10 Dreamleaf x 10

Flask of Countless Armies (strength) - Starlight Rose x 7 Aethril x 10 Foxflower x 10

Flask of Whispered Pact (intellect) - Starlight Rose x 7 Fjarnskaggyl x 10 Dreamleaf x 10

Flask of the Seventh Demon (agility) - Starlight Rose x 7 Fjarnskaggyl x 10 Foxflower x 10

Cauldrons can be made in the future. They will require FIVE of each of the flasks and will then provide 30 available flasks to the raid, at a cost of 20 flasks.

Food.....Who Doesn't Love Food !!! (everything listed below is for the 375 foods, not the lesser valued ones)
Vendor purchased items are not listed, as they do not need to be farmed. All recipes require you to make the +300 food to be used in the +375 recipe.

Haste -- Runescale Koix5 --- Lean Shanks x5 --- Dreamleaf x5 --- Fjarnskaggyl x5 --- Foxflower x5 --- Aethril x5

Mastery -- Leyblood x5 --- Black Barracuda x5 --- Gem Chips x20 --- Starlight Rose x1 --- Wildfowl Egg x5

Crit -- Leyblood x5 --- Big Gamy Ribs x5 --- Highmountain Salmon x5 --- Fatty Bearsteak x 5

Versatility -- Runescale Koi x5 --- Stormrays x5 --- Silver Mackerel x5 --- Yseraline Seeds x20

Fireball Breath -- Highmountain Salmon x5 --- Cursed Queenfish x5 --- Mossgill Perch x5 --- Black Barracuda x5

There are feast recipes, but unfortunately, the best they provide is +200 to a stat, almost half of what the 375 foods can provide for you.

I will update in the near future to contain enchantments and gems. But, as of this moment, uncut gems for the +150 stat are few and far between and they AH for roughly 3k to 5k gold EACH.

Runescale Koi - Suramar inland waters
Cursed Queenfish - Aszuna inland waters
Stormrays - Stormheim inland waters
Highmountain Salmon - HighMountain inland waters
Mossgill Perch - Valsharah inland waters
Black Barracuda - Coastal waters throughout Legion
Silver Mackerel - default fish when fishing anywhere in Legion
Yseraline Seeds - herb gathering
Gem Chips - by product from prospecting ore via Jewelcrafting
Fatty Bearsteak - three guesses and the first 2 do not count
Big Gamy Ribs - goats, mooses, pigs, etc
Leyblood - some animals in Suramar, I found the cats give the best drop rate
Lean Shanks - almost everything animal wise in Legion, including the Ettins....kill the Ettins !
Wildfowl Eggs - has feathers and they fly is the best hint I can give

We also need:
Leystone ore for band aids
Not All Who Wander Are Lost !!
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