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Hi everyone.
Ah Discord, whose Roman name was Discordia and Greek name was Eris. She is the one ultimately responsible for the Trojan War: At the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, she threw a golden apple inscribed with "to the most beautiful," traditionally its rendered in English as "to the fairest" but that definition of fair has waned in the past several decades. She did this because she wasn't invited to the wedding. Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena all tried to the claim the apple was for them. Zeus showing he wasn't as stupid as most of his antics would have indicated, declined to rule who was the most beautiful between his wife and two daughters and asked Alexandros (Paris) of Troy to decide. And thus the causes of the war were sown.

We will be switching to Discord for voice chat for raiding and the guild in general. There have been some reported issues with it such as its always on and hard to delete however, Discord’s sound quality is superior to Vent’s and so is its price. This guide will help you with the annoying stuff. You can trust me i would never tell you that your System 32 folder is what is causing all the issues and that you should just delete that.

First go download Discord.

First you will need to be the responsible adult (or child) that manages your comp, if not get get said person.
You wont get a prompt where to install it, which is annoying, but here is how you can find it in Win 10:

You will need to see Hidden Folders for this, so if you normally don't trust yourself to have them visible you will need to search for hidden files and folders and so thus:

Go to users:

Select whatever you call your comp:

App Data (hidden folder so won't be as black as the others in Win 10)

Look in the 'Local' Folder

There will be a folder named "Discord" from here move it to where ever you want. I put it on another harddrive, away from Windows, but even if you have only one I recommend putting it somewhere else than a hidden folder. There will also be a Discord folder in Roaming in App Data this is fine that is where vent and other apps record info as well and is legit. You can move it if you want, but I wont explain here.

After you move Discord make a new shortcut as the one on your desk top goes to where Discord was not where it is. Now start it up. Sign up. You will use an email address. As i am distrustful of all things, I used an email that isnt connected to WoW or anything important. But you wont want to use a burner address as you do need access for to verify you that's you. I used a gmail account that i use for random and unimportant stuff.

Now it will try to run in the background because the devs thing its the best thing in the world and why would anyone want to turn off their baby. Or more probably they assumed people would always want to get into games and chat with friends since we are all hermits that have no life out side of game. This is annoying but easy to deal with. While Discord is running find it in the system tray (the stuff next to time date, audio, etc) And unclick the "Run Discord when my computer starts" option.

It will no longer try to turn on like Skynet. Also take note of "quit Discord" that is the easiest way to actually close it. As very much like the original version of the Bnet app it wont turn off when you hit the X on top it will only minimize it. You can also log off from with in the app but that will sign you out which makes you log back in which merely Quitting from the system tray wont do.

When you start wow with Discord running, it will ask if you would like to integrate. I recommend telling it to piss up a rope (Decline). Also, if you are like me and wish to have a small internet footprint, here are other options you may want.:

Discord options are next to your name in the bottom left:

on this one:

I recommend you disable Automatically detect. And under Authorized apps there are none.

on this one:

One of the complains about Discord can be fixed that it slows down machines. That is from having hardware acceleration checked. That is the last option, and you want the box blank like above rather than a blue check mark in it.


I have everything blanked for privacy reasons. You can do as you want but if you like privacy i recommend that.

For streamers:

It is wise to have the bottom 4 options checked. if you don't want to stream at all from it have the top 2 unchecked. Remember if you stream you have to adhere to the privacy rules listed here:

To uninstall it: First be sure its off and not running in the background or weird shit will happen.
Go to control panel

(choose the highlighted option if the name wasn't obvious enough)
Find Discord like so:

And delete it. That will remove the program, but it will leave stuff on your system, such as folders for grapics for the menus and saved user date so you wont have to re input that if you reinstall it. You can choose to leave those on your system, or if you choose to get rid of all go to search on your computer:

Type Discord and find all the files left. You can then follow the paths listed to find all the orphaned files to drop nukes on them. If you don't know how to do that you shouldn't try by yourself, so i wont post screen shots. But you can always ask and get help from someone who can safely talk you through it.

This sort of digital residue is nothing unique to Discord; many programs like to leave you with love running down your leg after you leave them.

Final note I tested an uninstalled and had no issues. And running a system log to compare my system before and after the first install i can say no files were downloaded to my comp that weren't able to be found and deleted via the file and folder search. It leaves nothing if you take the time to nuke each remaining bit.
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Baring unforeseen difficulties, we will start using Discord for raiding Sunday October 23rd. As you will have to be invited into the server, you should join by Saturday. We wont wait on you on Sunday as you have well over 6 days from now consider this your formal notice. I will spend Saturday after raid getting everyone who isn't on it already in it for raid Sunday.
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perm link for the server
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