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#13481710 Oct 13, 2017 at 07:47 PM
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Hello everyone. I have been absent a lot and not doing as much in guild or on line as i have done in the past. I want to take a moment to explain why that has been. Most of you have noticed I am private about a lot of my life. By nature I am a private person and while I am very open about the parts of my life I consider public I am almost equally reticent about the stuff I consider private. I wanted to take a moment to catch everyone up on why i have disappeared from game.

A lot of you, at least those that are in discord during raids will know that I am on a farm frequently. I shall now fill you in on why. My Father has cancer. Originally it occurred a bit over a decade ago. After surgery and radiation, he was in remission for several years. Then it came back. Of late its progression has accelerated. At the end of last year it was noticed something was happening so came back to town for what was originally a short time to see him through treatments. However this year we had started two new protocols, the second only starting after the first failed. At the moment the newest one is holding the cancer at bay. In short time is noticeable shorter than it was just a year ago. My Father grew up on a farm and though he worked a corporate job after getting out of the Corps he always farmed at my grandparents on the weekends. He has always loved it. He asked me this year to help him get the farm into a working proposition again. Something it hasn't been since my grandfather got sick decades ago. The goal is to get it to a point he can take care of it by himself with the limited strength he now has. We have made progress as this becomes a reality but are still some time short of it. This is why i have been devoting my time to being a farmer. While this happens my time will be at times limited. I only have internet at my place in the city. But that is too far away to commute every day so most days i stay on the farm. The access i have there is temperamental and mostly frustrating to use so badly I will really only use it to help with the logistics of starting a raid. It's based on a puck and the area is too much in no where for it to work well. somethings there is no internet. This is why you only see me infrequently now. And why when i am on I often don't have time to get involved on group activity. And sometimes I am using the game as a stress relief and just want to be left alone, though that isn't all that common.

This week it looks like i will be able to be at raid Sunday. Saturday is a maybe I might just be able to be on to start raid, i honestly don't know.

I wish you all well. Have a good night.
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