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[Pinned] Mythic Plus Dungeons

Hey guys, your friendly neighborhood Blood Death Knight here! I thought I would make a quick post about my thoughts on Mythic+ Dungeons. Disclaimer: This is all from a tank perspective. I have not played a DPS or healing role in any of my runs, so...
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UBRS CM Gold vid.' gold.
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Challenge Modes

As we are nearing the end of the expansion we are rushing to fulfill the commitment to finish people's cms. To make it easier for me please post in this thread, and it is required, which ones you are lacking in gold or silver to finish your meta a...
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Mythic Dungeons

It has come to my attention that some of you may be lacking the full potential of the ONE RING. Legendary Ring.Today is Monday, the first day of Summer!!! Please post in this thread your role, what times you are available to do mythics this week, ...
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Challenge mode Strats

If anyone has any useful strategies for challenge modes that others may be unaware of, you can post them here.Here's a wowhead post of everything in challenge modes that can be Dark Simulacrum or Reflected (Mirrored blades, grounding totem, spell ...
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Challenge mode sign ups

At present there are two challenge mode groups a Wednesday group and a Saturday group. Please sign up here or via pm to Ferolux or some other method with the day you want and if you wish to get silver or gold. Silver gives the mount. Please be awa...
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Cataclysm, MOP, and Draenor Dungeons

They suck.One thing Blizzard did well with Burning Crusade, even WOTLK was the amount of diversity in each zone. Dungeons are no fun, and serve only as a purpose for early gearing to get into raiding. Remaking vanilla dungeons into heroics was ano...
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