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Raiding is supposed to be fun so for that purpose, there are rules:

1.) Act like an adult.
This doesn't mean have no fun or even that you are prevented from life griping people to their deaths (this is forbidden on boss fights, enjoy doing it between bosses when we aren't on a time crunch though) just no tantrums etc.

2.) Please give the raid your attention while in it.
We have only a short time each week so only AFK during breaks please, whenever possible. Trash isn't a break. Scheduled breaks happen normally after each hour of raid time.

3.) When possible, arrive 10-15 minutes before raid so we can spend as much time as possible killing stuff that drops the loot you want. If in the main raid group, please make at least 6 out of the 8 raids each month (does not include the fun runs). In cases of work conflict, contact Ferolux beforehand.

4.) Please have learned at the very least the basics on any boss before you show up to help kill it.

5.) Be ready when you take the summons or get to instance. This also means being fully enchanted, gemmed and repaired before that time.

6.) Be helpful to your fellow raiders.

7.) Should anyone disappear in a raid but still logged in when we get to a boss, after a reasonable amount of time, this character will be removed in order to down the boss. The person removed will be welcomed back into the raid when they return to their keyboard.