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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
Guild Info

To Receive Emails:
While signed in... Click this Link & then the box(s), then hit 'Update'.

-You can receive emails for private messages, new applications & posts you are subscribed to.
-People signed in can use the Shoutbox, messages, respond to polls, make & reply to many of the forum posts.


To Add Your Characters:

Make sure you are signed in & after clicking this Roster
  1. find your name, to the right of it will be the word 'Characters:'
  2. then click the +
-please be sure to add all your characters from the guild!


Showing Images on Forums:

If you are using Imgur, either click the image icon (looks like hills with a sun) on the forum's post and put the "Direct Link" from Imgur in it or just copy the "BBCode" and then directly place the link in your post.


Showing YouTube Videos on Forums:

Copy the link in the address bar of the video you are watching, not the one in share, then click the tv icon (has antennas on top) and paste it there.

Click me for more BBCode on Shivtr's site!